Saturday, January 8, 2011

S-A-D-U-R-D-A-Y Night!

the book is dedicated to "a Republican closet case I once knew"
Wooo!  What a wild night, huh?  Well I'm currently recovering from a lil' sickness, and I am feeling antisocial.  I'm watching the Food Network and eating way too much Panang curry.  BTW, Chicago friends, is Panang Noodle still there on Clark?  I miss that shit.  Anyway, I'm reading a literary masterpiece titled How to Rape a Straight Guy.  I know!  What the fuck, indeed!  Well, this goes back to a love/hate relationship with Amazon.  I love me some and spend way too much money there.  The problem is, they have terrible policies regarding LGBT fiction.  Does anyone remember Amazon Fail?  We nerds do.  But even after that, I came crawling back like an abused wife, only comfortable with the familiar.  If you can find me another perfect website to order whatever I want, I'd be happy to switch.   A few weeks ago, I read an article by an outraged author detailing how his book would no longer be carried by Amazon.  I think it's some bullshit too.  Yes, the title is fucked up, but it's not a how-to guide.  It's a story.  And as he points out, there is much worse out there on Amazon's site that isn't being criticized because it isn't gay-themed.  So I knew I had to check this book out.  I couldn't find it in any compatible download formats, but I did track down a paper copy.  I've only read a chapter so far, but it's rough.  It's narrated by a tough guy who uses a lot of slang and contractions.  His speech may be colloquial, but it's written in a shitty way.  Just write "you an me ain't gettin nothin done" instead of "you an' me ain't gettin' nothin' done."  It draws attention to the speaker in a condescending way.  And the rest of the book is like that!  Not that I would expect style format to change like that, but I can wish.  Anyway, don't worry, I'm not arming myself with dangerous knowledge.  I was just hoping I'd get a few kinks out of How to Rape a Straight Guy.