Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dexter Dumbed Down

I have @SierraTrevino to thank for this video discovery.  It is especially appropriate because I've been reading the Dexter books.  I'm on the most recent one, Dexter is Delicious.  They have all been really entertaining, but the third one was ROUGH.  It got rather supernatural, which I disapproved of.  I'd rather Dexter be a mentally unstable killer with his own logic than a man possessed by a demon or some shit.  It's okay though, the author gets back to super creepiness in the following book; and all is well in the world again.  The Showtime program is excellent, and if you aren't squeamish, check it out.  Julia Stiles had a run on the most recent season, and she really impressed me.  Firstly, I was surprised she was still around.  I haven't seen her in anything for years.  I was concerned she would stink up the show, but she's good at crying and being an emotional cunt, so she excelled.  Anyway, here is Dexter in 60 seconds: