Saturday, February 18, 2012

Textual Intercourse: Musings on Ina Garten

me: On Ina this morning, she was saying how truffle butter is surprisingly inexpensive and bragging about how expensive saffron is lol

Mia:  hahaha she's ridic

Mia:  Love her

me:  It was outrageous and so perfectly her

Mia:  How many times did she mention that saffron is the stamen of crocuses

me:  Just once

Mia:  Lame

me:  She had it in a little clear box like crack rocks

Mia:  Hahaha omg it is Ina crack

Mia:  Crack is prob cheaper than saffron

me:  Lol

me:  She crushes and snorts it.  Freebasing saffron

Mia:  melting it down on the spoon

me:  See how it turns the liquid in the syringe that gorgeous yellow? How bad could that be?

Mia:  find a GOOD vein

me:  Hahahahahahaha

Mia:   :)

me:  If your arm is too riddled with track marks, between your toes is fine

Mia:  Lol we are horrible