Friday, April 27, 2012

THAT Is A Wig, Storm

I started watching the X-Men anime and was delighted to find Wolverine mocking Storm's wig.

Animated Sexuality: Cyclops Is A Nelly Bottom Edition

Well, to be fair, the title refers to the Marvel Anime version for sure.  His body posture and feminine features make it seem as if he's more likely to be the. . . ukeHowever, he could enjoy everything or be a possible blouse (feminine top, I love this term I just learned).  Anyway, it's hot.  I just looked up a few pictures of Cyclops because as I was reading the (terrible) Avengers vs. X-Men and catching up on Uncanny X-Men, I noticed that it seemed the artists seem to like drawing good old Cyclops from behind most often. 

Perhaps this is because they are more uncomfortable having a depiction of skin-tight crotch bulge on the page?  Even though they always play down the bulge.  It's 99% disappointing due to their preference of underexaggerating the bulge.  Maybe they think it's more appropriate to draw an ass instead.  Well.  Let me just say that this is fiiiiiiiiiine with me because I would prefer to see a tight Cyclops ass than a fluffy bulge  Just my taste.

I can't even get started on how deep my love for X-Man on X-Man porn is, so I'm staying focused on Cyclops.  I got a little derailed on Google and found. . . a few pictures to share.  Enjoy!