Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Textual Intercourse

Brady:  should I do something with my hair for Saturday like spike it?  Are you doing anything?  It might be too long to spike
me: you can't spike yours
me: too long
Brady: yeah they would be huge spikes like that guy on snizlias [how we refer to the tv program Alias]
me: i might throw some gel in mine
me: i like my haircut. she did a good job
me: plus she hardly spoke, which i loved
Brady: you can't wear makeup to a monster truck rally.... well I guess you can but it might not be the smartest move
me: i haven't worn anything in a long time
me: i only can when i'm clean shaven.  and i've only done that like once in the past 2 months
Brady: I just meant coz you wore it to amanda's
me: challenge accepted
Brady: Do what you want I'm just saying if truckers start shit there will be a puff of smoke that vaguely resembles my outline where I was standing
me: i expect nothing less
Brady: unless you friend test me
Brady: but you'd have to be quick
me: there would be a brady-shaped hole in the assembly hall wall before i even turned to look at you
 i wouldn't expect or ask you to fight for me
Brady: I'll leave that to beyonce
me: i never want to get in a real fight because i am fucking scrappy
me: i will go for the throat and groin
Brady: Or Amanda.  Drunk amanda will throw down I think
me: and i wouldn't stop unless i were physically removed
me: yeah she would
Brady: ha
me: drunk amanda is a ride or die bitch
Brady: well we can liquor her up
me: lol
me: like gummi berry juice

Textual Intercourse

for some reason this came up in a search for "nude on couch"

We got off early from work today due to the weather. My friend Blanche knew just what I would do. . .

Blanche: at least you're home at 2:30 on a Tuesday. Take off your panties and relax, gurl

me: i'm sitting naked on my couch!

me: i took my tuck out and errything

Blanche: of course you are dear