Friday, December 30, 2011

Fun with Merlin

I've been really into the BBC Merlin series recently. I've blown through 2.5 seasons this week. As well as 1.5 of The Hunger Games Trilogy... I guess I've been pretty bored. Anyway, this short scene in Merlin was begging for pictures. I'm not going to bother with witty captions, because they speak for themselves.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Real Housewives of South Boston

I really wish I'd found this sooner.  Genius.  "SUCK MY CUNT."

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Textual Intercourse: Clubfoot Shentessa

I made this one, don't hate.

me:  Did you know Ina won the daytime emmy for outstanding lifestyle/cooking host in 2009 and 2010?

Mia:  bish has TWO emmys??? gangsta!

Ina refused to meet a Make-A-Wish kid who wanted to cook with her. GANGSTA.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

From White Lady to Hoodrat Realness in No Time Flat

The best part is the look on this bitch's face. Such disdain. This is my new catchprase.

Textual Intercourse: Ina Garten

I watch at least one episode of Barefoot Contessa every day, and I'm always finding more gems.  In her Ask Ina section, her response to a question about gravy is priceless (ps she used the same recipe and same footage 3 years running: make a new one!).  It's simultaneously bitchy gayness and mean girl.

 me:  OMG rarely her NY accent comes out and it's mazong.

me:  Toss it all togethah

Mia:  She covers that shit up like a teen pregnancy

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Queen Commandments

Look, bitch, I couldn't find any Moses drag queen pictures, so this will do.

I.  Thou shalt turn it until it is sufficiently turnt.

II.  Thou shalt not take pictures under overhead lighting.

III.  Thou shalt not be shady, just fierce.

IV.  However, if thou must, throw shade fiercely.

V.  Thou shalt not snatch wigs.

VI.  Thou shalt not be shitty or crummy.

VII.  Thou shalt serve for a serve's sake.

VIII.  If thine nemesis comes for thee, thou must slap a brick.

IX.  Thou shalt gag the children.

X.  Thou shalt WERK.

Friday, November 11, 2011

From Ina's Kitchen

Well, not quite.  But from Ina's kitchen in Mia's head.  She wrote this phenomenal ficticious Ina Garten recipe.  Please enjoy!

Boeuf Bourguignon

Step 1: Put on Shent.
Step 2: Curl Bangs.

BAM.  We are ready to go!

3 1/3 lbs grass-fed, antibiotic-free, massaged filet mignon
30 pearl onions. The ones with real pearls in the middle, please, it's worth it!
1 lb baby bella mushrooms. This means they MUST be picked from the earth, by a baby, named Bella.
2 carrots from your garden (OBVS)
Butter and Olive Oil (pressed by hand please)
1 cup of GOOD red wine, I always say, don't cook with it unless you would drink it by the glass! Or bucket!
4 excitable faggots
1 rich husband

Take one of the excitable faggots, and put him to work! He needs to cut the boeuf into 1-inch cubes. And I'm not fucking around here! Anything smaller or larger than 1 inch will be discarded immediately because of the severe impact it has on the flavor. You might want to buy a little extra filet if this is your first time making a real recipe. It's pretty reasonably priced.

Saute the pearl onions until they are soft and the pearl in the middle has come out to say hi! Leave these in the dish, they will impress your guests! Add the mushrooms, and give baby Bella an onion (KEEP the pearl) for her hard work. Add the carrots. Saute until the aroma of money fills your house! Then add the boeuf.

Jeffrey always manages to sneak his way to the kitchen by this point, so use another faggot to distract him so that you can eat chocolate in your walk-in pantry alone!

Drink the red wine in there too.

Once the 3rd and 4th fags find you, it's time to eat! Enjoy! And make sure you eat all of the food except for one scoopful for Jeffrey. The faggots will get upset if you try to feed them.

One Ina to Rule Them All

I've always loved the Food Network.  But I watch it in a whole new light now.  This is all thanks to Mia, who is responsible for my current love affair with Food Network Television hosts.  After browsing through all (as of this date) 310 pages of FNHposts, my eyes have been opened to the quirks of celebrity chefs.  While I can't stand some of those people, I do have two favorites.  Anne Burrell and Ina Garten.

Yeah, I made this.  Jealous?

Anne Burrell, or AB (since we're tight like that), just seems like a fun person to be around.  She's energetic, exciting, and knowledegable.  Her hair is ridiculous, and I love it.  On her own show she's super sweet and fun, but whenever she's in a judge role on something else, she isn't afraid to be stern.  She loves "brown food" and orange skin.  I always assumed she was a lesbian, but I have no idea what her orientation is.  I watched her cook an amazing looking Grilled Chicken with Dijon and Meyer Lemon on Secrets of a Restaurant Chef last night, and I noticed something that made me love her even more:  she's pretty damn faggoty.  Actually, my exact text to Mia was:

And this is a good thing!  When she seasons things, she puts on a "sprinky dink" of kosher salt, etc.  When she drizzles balsamic vinegar on figs, she says you only need a "drippy drop."  That's some gay shit.  Then there's the way she constantly talks to her food, which is adorable by the way.  She'll be brushing a chicken with mustard glaze while cooing in a gaywad voice "HELLO DAAAHLINGS."  It's kind of fantastic.  In that episode alone, she said HELLO DAAAHLING to her food no less than six times.  Keep doing what you do, Anne Burrell, because you make my damn day.

And now.  The queen of Food Network.  Ina Garten.  Words cannot accurately and fully express my feelings about Ina, but I'll try.  First of all, her ensembles.  She pumps a very particular look.  It's kind of like rich white lady casual gangsta realness.  She pretty much only wears what has been dubbed a shent.  I like to imagine that she exclusively wears shents and has one for every occasion.  Shent pajamas.  Terry cloth shent bathrobe.  Silk shent with a starched and popped lace collar for intimate times with her husband Jeffrey. 

Her presence on the show is so calming and soothing.  She's so motherly and comforting.  I just want to hug my face into her denim-shented bosom.  She ran a specialty food store in the Hamptons for years, then sold it so she could focus on other (moneymaking) opportunities.  She's well known for frequently cooking for her many gay male friends.  She's a registered democrat and supports Planned Parenthood, so you KNOW she cool.  Ina is famous for phrases that she peppers throughout her program.  She asks an approximate average of 15.8 rhetorical questions per episode such as "how easy is that?" and "how bad can that be?" 

Also mine.  BAM.

Her husband is never home, but she prepares chicken for him on Friday nights.  Ina prefers to use "good" ingredients, and she never fails to let you know.  In a recent episode I saw, she said she likes to use "good red wine vinegar.  Just smell it, you'll know if it's good."  I'm sorry, Ms. Garten, but I don't think I would know.  That's what I love about her.  Silly poor person, don't you know the olfactory difference between good and bad red wine vinegar?  However, sometimes she will let you know that "store-bought is fine," which is such a subtle throw of shade, I love it so much.  Without explicitly saying it, she means: if you're not a millionnaire like me, you lowly commoner, you'll just have to make do with your "bad" ingredients from your chain supermarket. 

I'm quite proud of this one actually.  Arrested Contessa.

This morning I Googled "Ina Garten shirt" because who wouldn't want one?  It led me to her website and perhaps one of the most hilarious unintentionally funny Q&A pages ever.  She only uses "good" a few times, but I love that in her responses, she uses "unfortunately" 12 times.  It's always referencing something exclusive and unattainable to the likes of you derelicts.  For instance, I enjoyed this question about her shent:

How can I find the shirts that Ina wears on the show?

Unfortunately, I have my shirts made for me by a dressmaker in NY City. I wanted a certain style and couldn't find it in enough colors, so I had them custom made. The original shirt came from Eileen Fisher, so that's a good place to look.
Then in response to someone's difficulty in preparing a lemon cake, she writes:
I'm sorry that you had a problem.  Cooking the lemon filling is a little bit delicate.

As if to say, well that's certainly never happened to me.  What kind of ham-fisted, bad technique are you using?

The products and items she suggests buying are mostly rather expensive.  My favorite however has to do with her silver bowls (which I'd like to point out that Mia happens to also have (I'm going to steal them!)):
Where can I find Ina's silver bowls?

The bowls are old hotel silver that have been re-silver-plated. They're from a wonderful company called Hotel Silver. They're antiques, so you can't be sure of any particular dish but Hotel Silver is sold at Bergdorf Goodman in NY City on the 6th floor and online at I like them because they're the kind of silver you can use every day.


My plan is pretty much to move with Mia to wherever Ina is and insinuate ourselves in her circle.  Then she'll adopt us.  Can you imagine how amazing it would be to have Ina Garten mother you???  Well, hopefully it wouldn't get all Jewish grandmothery in the way that she'd guilt trip me about everything and passive aggressively insult me at every turn--you know what?  Fine, I'd put up with it.  Just cook for me, giggle nervously, ask me a million rhetorical questions, and narrate everything you do in soothing tones.

When I think about it more, Ina has some faggotry up in her as well.  As we learned in Paris Is Burning, a faggot will pull a stunt on you, and you won't even realize it until days later.  She could say something about an ingredient or pan, and next week you'll say to yourself, wait a minute, was she reading me?  Wigs off to Queen Ina.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Blow Me, Hipsters

Taking the train to see Blanche D’Almonds is always a trip.  I saw a grown midget, schlubby foreign students, and a sexy hipster Jew in the station alone.  Also at the station was a group of what I assumed was college boys.  They had books out and were studying something.  One was super cute and another was fuckable.  I sat near them for a hot minute, and then a random old pervert made his move.  He started chatting them up and asked if they could help him activate his phone.  Old dude had a five dolla phone from the two dolla store.  The boys (and I say BOYS now because in the course of eavesdropping, I learned that they were HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS at a nearby Catholic boys’ school) claimed they didn’t have a phone themselves which would be needed to make the call to activate the phone.  The old perv kept talking to them, but I moved to start the line.  I made sure to be first in line because I’m ocd like that.  I saw some adorable little black girls whom I’m pretty sure were named Tia and Tamera.  Then there are the butt-ers.  I FUCKING HATE YOU.  I openly glared and judged them.  They are generally white entitled bitches from the suburbs.  They just saunter up to the front as if that’s the thing to do.  At least they didn’t try to get in front of me, because I will rape you to death with my words if you even TRY that shit with me.  I am not the one.  I’m also not the one to sit next on the train unless you are a sexy guy, then please, take a seat).  But I wanted to be left alone on my trip to Chicago today, so I placed a bag on the seat next to me, put on sunglasses, and closed my eyes.  This usually works, and it seemed to do the trick today.  Then this group of Apple-product-toting zombies boarded the train.  UGH.  OH and one of them is Australian.  What’s worse than an American hipster?  A foreign hipster.  Anyway, this group of maybe six kids randomly had a tall, muscular, sexy motherfucker in a hoodie and faux glasses, true to hipster style.  I’d hate fuck him.  They all started filling in the extra seats in my area, but thankfully left me alone.  Then before I even had the chance to put my headphones on and ignore the world, the hipster girl one seat up and one seat over turned around and indicating the unoccupied seat next to me, asked “can I sit here to be closer to my friends?”  I would normally be a pansy ass faggot and say SURE, GO AHEAD, DO YOU NEED MY SEAT TOO, I CAN MOVE!  But not today.  Oh no.  I scrunched my face into a combination of contemplation and disgust and shook my head without saying a word.  The hipsters were flabbergasted.  They couldn’t believe that someone would deny them, white privileged wannabe-alternative kids from good families in the suburbs of Chicago, ANYTHING.  The Australian said “did he just say no?”  And then I was over it.  I couldn’t deal with it anymore because I was concentrating so hard on not laughing in their faces.  Come to think of it, I should have.  But I quickly put on my headphones, looked out the window, covered my mouth with my sleeve and silently laughed my ass off.  This is a momentous day.  Not just for me, but against hipsters everywhere.  I deny you.  YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME.  I really hope I’m gassy on this train, because I would love to punish these jackasses.

Friday, November 4, 2011

How Easy Is That?

I've recently written a few posts and not published them because they are super depressing and EMO.  Maybe this will lighten the load.  I recently discovered Food Network Humor, and I've been obsessively reading every post.  My favorite posts are the user-submitted ones with recipes as created by a fake Ina Garten.


French Style Summer Horcrux

Summer Squash Imbued with Unicorn Magic

Ina Garten's Better-Than-Yours Cake

So here is my submission.  Please to enjoy:

Braised Jewish Short Ribs

This is one of my favorite holiday dishes to prepare.  Not only is it a breeze to make, but it’s equally as fun.  I find that it goes over best at the witching hour of the Autumn Solstice.  As my Jeffrey once told me over the phone from his separate wing of our Hamptons manse, this recipe is simply to die for, and for some reason he used the word “fierce.”

1 gilded pail of salt harvested of the waters of the Dead Sea
5.6 tsp of ultraviolet peppercorns
½ cup of maple syrup drawn from a tree of the Garden of Eden
3 cloves of organic geomanced garlic
½ vial of tears of remorse from the current Pope (just tell him you know about his acts of pederasty, that always does the trick for me, teehee!)
2 cups of Romanée-Conti red wine
1 Cher album
1 good adolescent Hebrew (the more Orthodox, the better!)

First when the moon is full, go out to the pen where you keep chained your stock of heathens for ritual sacrifice.  Choose a meaty, young Hebrew.  Whilst bound and gagged, surround the Unclean One with a circle of the salt, reserving 1 ½ tablespoons.  This will ensure that the soul is infused in the meat when you slaughter him, thereby rendering a juicier, more tender final product.  Punch your fist into the Jew’s midsection, and remove its heart in one swift, merciless motion.  You may reserve it for a sauce, but I find that the Jew ribs are satisfying  all on their own.  The rest of the carcass makes for a great Halloween costume once the hide is skinned and tanned.  Using your teeth, break the rib cage down into a rack of six delectably sinful ribs.  Sprinkle the vial of Pope tears on it to counter the taint of God’s “Chosen People.”  Using nothing but the power of your mind, rape the garlic and peppercorns into submission until they break like so many Juden windows on Kristallnacht.  Coat the Israelite’s ribs with the remaining salt and the garlic peppercorn mix.  Heat a large pot on your wood-burning stove, and add the ribs.  After accomplishing a good sear on every side, add the maple syrup, put a lid on the pot, and telekinetically float it to the center of your kitchen.  Pour in one cup of the wine, and retain the rest in your rectum: we’ll come back to that later.  From your family’s (at least) 2000-year-old Grimoire, recite the incantation for the Daedalus Sphere.  Quickly, before all oxygen is consumed from the room, conjure a manifestation of Black Fire inside the sphere.  This reduces the cooking time to a mere 30 minutes.  Just long enough to play the Cher album as loud as you can, which will draw in any stray homosexuals in the near vicinity having liaisons in bushes and behind buildings.  Once they have all gathered, cut one of their throats to extinguish the spells.  You should then expel the remainder of the wine from your bowels onto the ribs to really turn up the volume.  Start the Cher CD over, dig in, and remember to keep rhetorically asking every gay “how easy is that?”

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Let's Talk About Reading: Once Upon A Time

Once Upon a Time premiered this past Sunday.  I got excited for this show because Jane Espenson is serving as an executive producer.  She actually didn't sign on until after the pilot, so this episode was untouched by her.  Here's the basic premise: there once was a fairy tale universe where this evil queen had her panties in a twist over Snow White.  Snow is married to some prince and she's knocked up.  The queen warns them she's going to slap a curse on all their asses, so the good guys freak out and find some magic means of protecting one person, which will be Snow.  She pops before this can happen, and her twat vomits out the kid.  So they decide to save the baby.  I know, right, NEVER the answer.  Oh and there was some prophecy about the baby's 28th birthday, blah blah blah.  The evil queen (whose makeup and eyelashes are OVAH) shows up and unleashes her curse.  She's going to freeze everyone in time and make it so she's the only one with a happy ending. 

In modern times, there's this blonde bitch with a bland personality who works as a bailbondswoman and bounty hunter and looks so much like Snow White that it's borderline confusing.  It's her 28th birthday, so she's SW's offspring.  Some little shit shows up at her doorstep with a big fuckin book of fairy tales, and he comes off as SUCH an asshole.  He's a little flaming faggotchild, but he's supposed to be wise beyond his years and clever and snarky and he claims to be the blonde robot's son that she gave up for adoption.  Wise-ass kids that are supposed to be precocious and lovable have the exact opposite effect on me:  I want to feed him to trolls.  He hates his adoptive mother and he says that everything in his book is true and that the characters live in his town, but they don't remember who they are.  Anyway, it's true, but blonde ho doesn't really believe it yet, even though she agrees to stick around for a week for the kid to convince her.  His adoptive mother pretty much hates him because he resents her, and she wants to destroy blonde trick.  Oh yeah, of course the mother is the Mayor of this tiny town who also happens to be the evil queen.

Some stylist clearly dropped the ball on this shit

Ooof.  That was exhausting.  I'm not really going to touch on plot any more than that, but it started off rough because the kid was so offputting.  He ruins every scene he's in.  I kind of liked the rest, even though the main character was rather boring, and I hate Snow White's (Ginnifer [eyeroll at the spelling] Goodwin) face.  To be fair, the pilot episode didn't really give blondie a chance to show if she's got any acting chops.  I suppose I'll withhold final judgment for now.  This is just my first impression.  The show has potential.  I think it could be special if it gets dark enough, has decent plot twists, and makes me care about the characters.  I am looking forward to some upcoming characters.  Emma Caulfield (TiMER, Anya from Buffy) will make an appearance as a blind witch from the vein of Hansel and Gretel.  And the impeccable Kristin Bauer (Pam from True Blood) will play Maleficent (villainess from Sleeping Beauty), a rival of the Evil Queen.

"I obviously own ass-less chaps"

I just can't think too hard about the stories.  First of all, Maleficent would squash this poser Evil Queen like a bug.  She was truly a bad ass evil bitch who wasn't afraid to turn into a dragon to burn yo ass.  Anyway.  Soooooo the whole story of Snow White is that the Evil Queen is jealous of how pretty SW is, so she decides to fuck with her.  In the original story, she tasks the huntsman with CUTTING OUT HER HEART.  Ummmmmm.  Let's think about this for a hot second.  You are a powerful sorceress: just make yourself prettier or SW busted.  Or just cut up her face a little.  What the fuck is going to happen?!  You're in charge.  You are the HBIC up in that magic kingdom, and you know what, if you want to straight up murder a bitch yourself, YOU CAN.  Fuck this curse bullshit, KILL THEM ALL.  Ugh, what a drama evil queen.  Random side note: it always made me really sad when the evil queen died in the Disney version.  I think that says a lot about my personality.

Then there's the issue of the happy ending.  EQ made the curse so she would be the only person with a happy ending.  Does this mean her happy ending is being the mayor of a shitty town filled with people she hates and who hate her, wearing dykey dress suits, and rearing an annoying should-have-been-abortion who isn't yours?  Awful.  She went from being a fearsome and powerful evil queen with magic powers to a blah looking extra from Desperate Housewives.  Way to go, dumbass.

Final thoughts:  I hope they tested the pilot with focus groups and they hated the kid.  They can minimalize his role, or better yet, kill him off.  I'm crossing my fingers that Jane Espenson's involvement will improve the show.  I'm sticking with it for now.

Let's Talk About Reading: Three Musketeers

I had the extreme misfortune of seeing the Three Musketeers this past weekend.  Brady and I decided to go because we thought it could be some mindless action fun.  And I'm a sucker for Milla Jovovich.  A hot bitch running around doing flips and spins and kicks and swordfighting all in ridiculous old school fashions sounded appealing to me. 

It was a hot ass mess.  And not in a good way.  Sometimes you can watch something ridiculous and still be entertained, but this was punishment.  Random question: why are they called musketeers if they don't even use guns?  Anyway, first of all, have some consistency.  Everyone seems to have a different accent.  French, Italian, English, all bets were off.  For some reason Milla spoke the way she does in the Resident Evil movies or Ultraviolet.  It was so out of place.  She was also a villain.  Which would have been fine, but I was expecting her to be a good guy!  Or at least redeem herself.  Nope.  She was just an unlikable bitch who fucked everyone over for no reason. 

This movie honestly isn't worth much a review, so I'm going to be brief.  The acting was terrible, no surprise there.  TM tried to walk a line between serious action and camp.  It should have picked one or the other.  As it is, it's a mish mash of unfunny lines with absurd fighting sequences.  All the male characters pretty much look alike.  They had to give one villain an eyepatch just so we can distinguish him.  Orlando Bloom looks a little different, like he's trying to pump a 1600s English duke version of Jack Sparrow.  It was rough.  His look was sloppy.  He looked like a shitty faggot on Halloween.  Don't try it, queens, or Sophia Lamar will destroy you.  Milla had some cute outfits, but they kept giving her these oversized hoods that served NO purpose other than to look ridiculous.  At one point when she and Orlando Bloom are about to get it on, he rips off her delicate, sheer flowered hood, and all I could imagine was him saying "girl, that hood is HIDEOUS!"  Then there was d'Artagnan.  This hot little twink (MAYBE 5'8") was written horribly of course, but he was fun to look at.  The only problem was the absurd wig they put him in.  Seriously, it's a Liz Lemon wig.  It was honestly distracting.

Speaking of wigs.  Whatever they had going on with the ginger King Louis XIII was weird.  They tried to make him a lovable fop, but it was clumsy and forced.  Gingers have odd facial hair too, no offense to my ginger friends (wait, do I have any of those?).  They styled his wig just like Geena Davis in A League of Their Own, so I had to laugh every time I saw him.

All in all, if I wouldn't have had Brady there to ridicule the movie with me, I would have walked out.  I did develop contempt for everyone else watching the movie.  People were genuinely laughing at all the "jokes" and stupid slapstick peppered through the movie.  OMG a bird shat on that guy's head!  When the sheep would laugh, Brady and I would look around in wonder and then look at each other as if to say, these bitches disgust me. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Real Life Jewish Textfail

I told Mia about Top Chef: Just Dessert's child pornographer Morgan and she accidentally made this happen:


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Israeli HUH?

I don't even know. These might be promotional videos for parties? No clue. All that matters is, I'm presenting them to you.

Stunned and Gagged pt II

If only Israel weren't a war-torn danger zone.

Oh Yeah

Don't forget to check out this other shit:
I'm a Hufflepuff

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weird Shit

You know I love me some craziness:

Friday, October 7, 2011

House of Dangerkat Realness

If you don't know, look up House of Dangerkat on YouTube. Do it. Real girl tranny realness to the extreme. Ain't nothin like a biological woman doing a deathdrop. This here video is from a member of the HoD and I want to thank Steven Didis for it, since I did lift it from his tumblr page ;). This and the previous 8-bit video. He's gorgeous and hilarious and talented, so get into him.

Presented Without Commentary Pt. III

Presented Without Commentary Pt. II

Some Toir — Romantic crap from Yegor Lymarev on Vimeo.

Presented Without Commentary Pt. I

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Game of Thrones Pt. Trois

Gayme of ThronesPart Deux

Textual Intercourse

Blanche:  pretty sure this is a note to my 6th grade teacher

Blanche:  You old hag.

Blanche:  And girl it looks like a witch nose

me:  lol

me:  I wrote a horrible note about my 7th grade English

me:  She caught it

me:  Spooked me and talked to me in the hallway

me:  I peed a little

Blanche:  Oh niiice.  You are such a Shady Queen.

me:  Haha thank god she didn't see the color drawing I did of her as a fat stripper with saggy titties getting her period on the pole

Blanche:  Okrrr.

Blanche:  God I love you.

me:  I was a shady little faggot

Gayme of Thrones

You have to be super gay and super nerdy to appreciate this.  But if you love Game of Thrones and Paris Is Burning, it's pretty fucking funny.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stunned and Gagged

I don't know how shit like this falls into my lap, but it do.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oops, I Did It Again


The leases at my apartment building are for one year, and this is going to be a rough one.  I was on the phone with my brother when I heard a knock at my door.  I was expecting my dinner delivery, so I opened up without even looking through the peephole.  Imagine my surprise when it's not the cute delivery boy but Shonda, my crazy downstairs lesbian neighbor.  I held up a finger and said, "hold on just a minute."  Then I ran into the other room and crazily whispered to my brother the situation.  I thought maybe if I waited long enough, she'd just go away.  He asked if my door was locked.  FUCK, it wasn't.  "Can I lock it super quietly?" I asked my brother.  "NO!  She'll know."  He said to tell her this will be a while, indicating she should go the fuck away.  I did that, but she just whispered, "do you have a egg?"  Not AN egg, A egg.  "Oh sure," I replied and ran to the fridge.  I handed her one egg, and then for some reason asked "do you need just one?"  She eyed my carton and said, "maybe two."  So I gave the bitch TWO eggs.  Then she whispered, "I'll come up and see you later if that's okay."  I'm too much of a pussy to stand up and throw shade to a bitch's face, so I said, "oh yeah, whenever."  FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK.  I need to abort this relationship.  I am not trying to see this dyke.  This is going to be a long year.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Textual Intercourse

You need to watch this lovely video to make sense of my post.  Also, I guess it must be known that when I cum, we're DONE.  So you better do your business before me, because all effort ends when I've finished.

a:  I spent the afternoon at [fuckbuddy's] house and he pissed me off so I'm done fooling around with him

me:  What did he do?

a:  He pulled a You.

a:  He came and then quit trying.

me:  Ha.  Sucks for you.

a:  Oh and his firefox wallpaper says christ is lord on top and has a pic of jesus' face

a: And I kept thinking. Let us all speak in tongues. Tacos tacos tacos....

Friday, August 19, 2011

Don't Try It

Ask Blanche, I also don't see people with dreadlocks.

The always spot-on Demeter Clarc will tell you:  fuck a surprise visit.  I despise a drop-in.  I don't see unannounced visitors. I simply do not tolerate it.  To tell this story properly, I have to go back a few days.

It's about that time of year, so my apartment building has several new tenants.  As a general rule, I do not socialize with building-mates.  I will smile politely, or even deign to give you a toothless smile; but it never needs to go further.  Even if you are a fine specimen of a man.  It's never a good idea to fuck a neighbor (something I learned many years ago).  I noticed a family that moved in right below me.  It appeared to be a woman, a daughter, and a grandchild.  The daughter was a big girl, and I could tell from a distance without even speaking to her that she was. . . well. . . ghetto.  There's just no polite or politically correct way to state it.  She ghetto.  Hair snatched straight back, hoop earrings, and an aura of urbanity.  I'm sensitive to these things.  The mother was clearly trashy.  Bleach blonde, spiky short hair accompanied her rode-hard-and-put-away-wet face.  I could tell she done did some living in her life.  The child was negligible.  A blond boy old enough to stand on his own.  WHATEVER, I don't tend to pay attention to children.

Last week I was waiting for a ride outside when the young girl sauntered over to me.  Great, what does this bitch want?  I was reading my Kindle, trying to look aloof.  It wasn't enough.  When I get flustered or angry, my memory gets foggy, but I'll try to give a quick recap.  First of all, she was covered in random tattoos.  LOTS of initials.  It only served to bolster my previous ghetto appraisal.  She opened her mouth and all my suspicions were confirmed.  Not only did she clearly have hoodrat tendencies, but her name was Shonda.  This is going to sound racist, but a white girl named Shonda most likely rarely has the personality of Reese Witherspoon. 

She asked if I had a girlfriend.  I knew this bitch was pulling a stunt because Judy Garland falls out of my mouth when I speak.  I'm well aware that I do not pass as straight.  She said that she moved into the building with her girlfriend.  I thought nothing of this, as many women refer to their female friends as girlfriends.  She disabused me of this notion after a minute when she said she was gay.  Being fucking stupid and also a nice person, I said "me too."  Then in about 10 different ways she expressed her (what had to be feigned) surprise.  "Aw, you gay!?"  Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, I lost count.  It turns she was 20 years old and the woman who looked 45 was truly her girlfriend of 8 months, who happened to be 27.  I felt bad for her.  They both have a kid.  Lots of drama, blah blah blah.  I don't know how they live together in that space.  I wouldn't be able to live in my 1-bedroom with another person without one of us winding up murdered.

She told me all about how she and her girlfriend were having problems, and my naivete led me to reveal I was rather heartbroken from a breakup.  She asked me what kind of guys I was into, "you like white boys, black boys, Mexicans?"  I wanted to answer, "Asian deaf men only," because Lord knows I do not need this bitch trying to set me up.  Shonda told me we should go out to the local gay bar together.  She said that she should come up to my place and kick it when she's arguing with her girl.  That it would be her "excape."  Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!  What does one say to that?  There is simply no polite way to say, "NEVER come to my door, and let's please continue to be strangers from now on."  OH another thing that points out my cynicism. . . when she started talking to me, my first thought was, "this bitch is distracting me while that other skank is stealing shit from my apartment!"

We parted ways, and I enjoyed blissful silence--until a few days ago.  I was watching tv, and took a break to listen to ONE song.  All of the sudden, KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK.  I looked out the peephole.  It was her.  What could I do???  The music was already loud, maybe she was just coming to ask me to turn it down.  Something told me otherwise.  KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK.  This bitch had a forceful, insistent knock.  KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK.  This bitch would knock eight raps at a time.  It was clear she wasn't going anywhere.  I couldn't just turn the music down, it would be obvious I was there.  So I thought on my feet and did what any sane person would do:  I pretended to be in the shower.  I stripped down, threw a towel around my waist, splashed myself with water, and turned on my shower.  I ran to the door and answered it as if I had just run.  "Oh hey, was you takin' a shower?"  "Yeah.  I'm sorry, was my music too loud?" and I turned it down right away.  "Oh you got a nice tv.  No, no, no," she let me know that she just wanted to hang out.  Uh oh.  "Now's not really a good time."  And she was finally gone.

Cut to 30 minutes ago.  KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCKKNOCKKNOCKKNOCK times ten.  I'll give her one thing, she is an insistent bulldagger.  This time, however, I wasn't giving in.  I held fast.  I had just started an episode of Sex and the City, and I figured it was entirely plausible that I was in the other room.  I will say though, my phone has been on vibrate ever since.  I'm being held hostage in my own home.  My apartment is my temple, and there is NO ENTRY without prior authorization and proper time to prepare.  I stay gross at home, and not even my father is welcome to drop in unannounced.  I don't feel guilty about metaphorically hiding behind the couch.  I will tell you this though, I'm never leaving my place unlocked ever again, even to just check my mail.  WHAT?  A trick might try to mop my shit, and I do NOT need to go to jail behind cutting a bitch.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Oh Snap

The events of the past week are beyond recapping.  I will let my pictures of the San Francisco Up Your Alley street fair suffice (let the record show emotional rape and devastation):