Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Meet Ms. Lucy Fur

One thing I like to do in my brief down time at work is find the perfect picture in office magazines to alter into a frightening creation from my nightmares. And yes, I realize that the title is probably the name of a million grotsky burlesque dancers and drag queens, but I'm not bothering to Google it since I'd rather imagine I'm the first person to think of it. This is Lucy Fur before her makeover:
And Lucy Fur afterward:

Abominable Snowtrannies

I know these "Shit _____ Say" videos are more tired than a Kardashian publicist, but these three have a few gems spread throughout. I WILL start calling people cumburglar and snowbeast. And of course you already know how I moistened my pants to "so I told that tranny, HOLD UP, shapeshifter." SHALOM

Golden Shower Girls Returns

It's been a damn long time since we had a GSG video, but I feel this is a strong return. It really brings back lovely fantasies I used to have as a kid about pretty Zack Morris. SHUT UP, you know you had them too.