Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How To Read

"Shade came from reading."

Let's take it back a bit.  How would you like to hear a faggoty song by a queen from the House of Revlon about reading a bitch? 

I wish there were a YouTube of this, but sadly, it seems there isn't  Mecca Revlon: "How To Read."  Check it out here, but please also buy it on iTunes under Jonny McGovern's East Village Mixtape to support our sisters.

O Rly?

Edit: I just realized that this comes off as dirty, and I'd like to clarify that the proposed hour of time was for a coffee date.  You gutterslut cumgoblins.

Some men just don't know how to treat a lady.  Confidence is cute, arrogance is a boner assassin.  Don't make me slap a brick and read you to filth.  You really don't want me to go there.  I own a condo there.

"You can't serve sufficient face, girl"  how is that for six words?