Thursday, May 3, 2012

In Which We Discuss Rimming

Brady and I like to watch/mock The Vampire Diaries simultaneously and gossip about it.  We are also fans of the male figure.  Over the course of the show, Steven R. McQueen has gone from super twink to muscle twink, and I appreciate both forms.  It's like he's now a Super Saiyan version of himself. 

me:  I really want to make Jeremy spread and go to town

. . .

me:  I'd like him on his back with his knees by his head

Brady:  Yes, face and body wise he is fine.

. . .

Brady:  Oh back to Jeremy's ass. Unless it is super fine, it wouldn't inspire me to munch it.

Brady:  But I'd fuck him.

me:  It looks nicely shaped

Brady:  I enjoy when guys do mine and I'd do it for a bf but I'm not eating strange sniz unless it's just begging for it.

me:  Sometimes it does though.

me:  It says, eat me

me:  Toss me with a nice vinnaigrette and top me with parmesan

Brady:   Some do.

You like peanut butter, right?

And this is how I pay my bills.

My tattoo is a representation of when I lost my assginity.

Como Un Flash

My eyes were opened to this wonder years ago thanks to Mother Krunk Sparkle Magic of Gay Pimpin' fame, but I don't think I've shared it yet.  How rude of me!  Excuse this bitch's beauty.