Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yep, That's About Right

Queen Latifah is a ravenous beast that devours fish.

RISE UP, for We Have a New Anthem

I liked "I Whip My Hair."  Well. . . some of it.  What I really liked was the Nicki Minaj Remix.  It only includes Willow's fun parts.  Check that out first:

Okay, now onto The Littlest Scientologist's new song. I love it! It's so catchy and fun. It puts some pep in my step when I listen to it on the way to work. It makes me forget that she's being brainwashed by a cult. I love the part about pulling gold out of her soul and diamonds from her heart. Every time I hear it, I add in my head something along the lines of "and pull oil from my weave." In my opinion, this should have been Lady Gaga's new song instead of her "Born This Way" abominortion (that's obviously a portmanteau of abomination and abortion). It makes me happy and the message can be coopted by queers without being too obvious or pandering. Let's do it!  Here is the song, "21st Centruy Girl"

The Amazing Suckling Snake

Got yo titty, bitch!

See, this is what I'm terrified would happen to me.  One time I flung my friend Sunshine's snake away from me because it opened its mouth in face as I was holding it.  Homie don't play that.  I am not Jon Voight, and this is not Anaconda.  Actually, this IS Anaconda, and I am Jennifer Lopez, kicking some snake ass.