Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Grudge

"Feeces the Hut."  Unfortunately this scan doesn't pick up the wonderful shading. Mia has the original now.

I don't "hate" a lot. I say I do and that I hate people in general (which is mostly true), but to truly hate someone takes a lot of effort. Even people who have wronged me in deep, soul-crushing ways I manage to forgive. Except one. It's not so much that she hurt me, but the woman had such audicity to treat people like shit and berate and belittle everyone and exert authority where none existed. She was my boss for a while, and I hated her at first. We got in a yelling match, and I let that twat know I was not to be fucked with. Then we got along great. Then Mia showed up and the bitch, we'll call her Feeces, started alternating favorites and trying to pit us against each other. Well Feeces was a super cunt and compromised my employer's relationship with other businesses, so a bitch had to go. I texted her a little afterward, then one time, I didn't answer her call and just texted her the next day. She obviously felt slighted, so she never responded to a subsequent text. Ever since, I've focused on how awful she was. Mia and I recount our time with her like war veterans. This bitch reminds me of her, please WATCH THIS SHIT.

I could write pages about how horrible and disgusting this woman was. Like how she'd chow on popcorn at her desk, or how she'd shit in the bathroom and it would literally stink the whole office up. But I won't go there.

Anyway, the point is, I was writing about Feeces this morning and had this to say:
I hope she gets some pussy wasting disease and it rots her from the inside out and she's miserable for years before I finally come to her bedside, whisper "fuck you," and smother her with a pillow. Too much?