Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tranny of the Day

Work, Ericka

Featuring one of my personal favorties:  Erickatoure Aviance.  She was a regular guest on the podcast Gay Pimpin' with Jonny McGovern, and she turns it on a regular basis.  She is a badass, and her EP is damn good.  Go to iTunes and get it now so you can work to such hits as "I'm Grown and I Do What I Want," "My Pumps," and "Behind the Waterfall."

p.s. she is the queen in the middle in the first video.

Textual Intercourse, Episode II: The Snizzening

and later. . .

sniz:  damn i just put my running shorts on lol

me:  then run that tight ass over here

Textual Intercourse, Episode I: Desperately Snizzing Susan

me:  want to come fuck?

sniz:  lol i just ate dinner i feel like a pig lol

me:  boo, you whore

Textual Intercourse

Brady:  for some reason I'm getting a boner

me:  you get a boner when the wind blows