Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Game of Thrones Pt. Trois

Gayme of ThronesPart Deux

Textual Intercourse

Blanche:  pretty sure this is a note to my 6th grade teacher

Blanche:  You old hag.

Blanche:  And girl it looks like a witch nose

me:  lol

me:  I wrote a horrible note about my 7th grade English

me:  She caught it

me:  Spooked me and talked to me in the hallway

me:  I peed a little

Blanche:  Oh niiice.  You are such a Shady Queen.

me:  Haha thank god she didn't see the color drawing I did of her as a fat stripper with saggy titties getting her period on the pole

Blanche:  Okrrr.

Blanche:  God I love you.

me:  I was a shady little faggot

Gayme of Thrones

You have to be super gay and super nerdy to appreciate this.  But if you love Game of Thrones and Paris Is Burning, it's pretty fucking funny.